Perth Roofing Company Testimonials

From my 15 years experience in the strata management industry. I would like to recommend Delta Roofing with absolute confidence to anyone that has roofing needs.

• They are incredibly efficient

• They provide accurate and detailed reports including photographic evidence (particularly
useful when conveying to a council of owners)

• They carry out quality work to a high standard which again is documented in their final report to owners

• They have exceeded my expectations and have separated themselves from a large number of roofing company competitors and are in my top two choices for Perth roofing contractors

They are approachable and friendly polite in their dealing with both clients and our staff and fast and reliable in their response.

If you are looking for complete satisfaction regarding a roofing job do not hesitate to choose the team at Delta Roofing.


In 2018 Delta Roofing completed a re-roof of 601 Wellington Street for the Department of Communities Housing Division. The roofing work was part of a joint Tender submission with Duratec Australia.

The property contained 3 blocks of apartments 5-7 levels high and was fully occupied whilst the work was being completed. Delta completed the work safely with minimal interruption to our residents, even some of the more difficult residents sang the praises of the tradesmen on site.

The nature of the roofing work was complex, as that part of Wellington St was very busy with multiple construction sites nearby as well as a constant flow of traffic, Delta Roofing arranged the delivery and a crane to lift the 14m sheets onto the roof without any incidents, Delta roofing also completed works via rope access where it was not possible to use an EWP, the work areas for all tasks were well delineated with hard and soft barricading as well as signage and Spotters in place when required.

Further to this work Delta Roofing has since completed minor roof maintenance work including skylight and box gutter replacement at one of our properties in Shenton Park without any issues.





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