Roof Replacement Perth

Affordable Roof Replacement Price Quotes Perth

New roof replacement in Perth Western Australia is the specialty of Delta's expert roofing business. Our Perth roofing company has the experience to help your commercial building or home with new roof replacement services Perth wide. Roof replacing in Perth can be done quickly in emergency situations.




When booking roof replacement in Perth, the Delta Roofing company knows time is important, especially if you need urgent roof replacement Perth wide after storms peel back roofs or damage roofs. Our roofers will replace your Perth roof fast. Call telephone number (08) 9331 4078 or email us to provide your building plans so that we can advise:


We stock a range of metal roof types and colours such as Zincalume or Colorbond to suit any Perth home or commercial building. Delta Roofing can supply all roofing accessories such as downpipes, gutters and rainwater heads.


Delta Roofing works with you to ensure your re-roof / roof replacement / roof repair Perth wide or Western Australia wide proceeds smoothly, reducing the chances of any inconvenience.

You can trust the Delta Roofing company in Perth WA to provide a fast, responsive, affordable roof replacement service in Perth. We'll have a team of insured, qualified, experienced, expert Perth roofers quickly out to your home or commercial property for a roof replacement. We'll get the roofing job done quickly and to the highest quality roofing standards. Our roof replacement team of roofers always takes great care to clean up after replacing roofs in Perth so you are never left with a mess.



Reasons for roof replacement in Perth might include:

  1. Fire damaged roof replacement

  2. Storm damaged roof reinstatement when urgent fast roof replacement Perth wide is needed after winter rainstorms.

  3. Leaking old corroded roof replacement

  4. Better looking new roof to replace a tired, old-looking roof.

  5. Replacement roof to match the style and or material appearance of a nearby existing roof.

  6. Increasing the height and or pitch of a roof in Perth.

  7. Noise reduction caused by thermal linear expansion/contraction problem of a metal roof which was not installed properly the first time by a previous roofing company.

  8. A new roof can improve the integral strength of a building.

  9. After an old roof is removed and before the roof is replaced with a new roof, an opportunity exists for the easy laying of roof insulation to improve the thermal and acoustic qualities of a building.

Tile Roof Replacement Perth

We replace tiled roofs in Perth with metal roofs or tiled roofs with tiled roofs of similar or different styles/profiles. We'll do our best to find the best match in Perth for your roofing tiles if you decide not to replace your tiled roof with a new metal roof. If the cost benefit of roof repair in Perth rather than roof replacement is better for you, our roofers will let you know and you decide your roofing options.

Metal Roof Replacement Perth

We replace old corroded metal roofs in roofs in Perth with new metal roofs. Metal roofing corroded or flapping in the wind can be a cause of water leaking roofs in Perth.  Our Perth roofers replace metal roof in Perth fast. Best colour and metal roofing profile match in Perth for your metal roofing.

Phone Perth's Best Roofing Replacement Company


In Perth we’ll do a free site visit and roof replacement assessment and give you the roof repair advice you need.

Delta Roofing is ready to take on any Perth roof replacement jobs, maintenance and roof life-extention work.

Stop Roof Water Leaks


Roof replacements in Perth tend to be undertaken as a reactive response to a leaking roof or problem that needs urgent replacement.
Patch repairs of roofs are only effective in stopping roof water leaks if they genuinely cure the problem. A proper roof assessment by our expert Perth roofers will let you know how long you can extend the life of your roof under Perth's harsh environmental conditions and the cost benefit over a roof replacement prices in Perth.


We will advise you on the best course of action to fix and prevent future roofing problems.

Roof Parts & Elements Perth


Roof framing elements

From purlins to beams, props, struts, rafters, ties, crowns and fascias. Find out what the different parts of a roof frame are called, and what purpose they serve.


Eaves are the lower parts of the roof that project out beyond a house's walls. While not always built into modern houses, they provide crucial shading and protection from the elements.


Guttering is an important part of most roofs. Find out how it's installed, and how it works to collect and channel rainwater from a roof.

Roof flashing

Roof flashing refers to metal sheeting (or sheeting of another material) which is used to prevent water from seeping into joints and holes in roofs.

Roof penetrations

Roof penetrations, as the name suggests, are holes in the surface of the roof. Penetrations need to be carefully planned to ensure that they're properly weather sealed.

Roof cladding

Roof cladding refers to the materials used on the surface of the roof (like tiles or steel sheeting). As well as determining how the roof looks, cladding also determines how well it performs.

Use the above guide and we’ll do a free Perth site visit and roof replacement assessment and give you the roof repair advice you need. Delta Roofing is ready to take on any Perth roof replacement jobs, maintenance and roof life-extention work.