FREE Roof Inspection Report Service Perth WA

Free roof inspection Perth wide. If you're buying a house you might not climb into the roof space to see how good/bad the roof and its supporting structures are. You might not know if the roof is leaking, wood rafters moist and or riddled with white ants but we know what and how to inspect. We'll provide you with a free Perth roof inspection report.

Infrared Leak Detection Service in Perth

Delta Roofing inspections find points of leaks in leaking roofs with an infrared leak detection service in Perth for houses and commercial building roofs. If you can't find the point of roof leaks, our Perth infrared leak detection service will. A report of where, how many, and quote to fix leaking roofs in Perth follows our roof inspection.


We work with Perth building inspectors to provide Perth roofing inspection reports which combined with building inspector reports are often required by lenders such as banks and mortgage brokers. Even housing sellers should be aware of their property structural condition reports. Ignorance is no excuse for selling a structurally defective house. It'll save house sellers and their agents a lot of hassle later if they know the condition of roof rafters and other roof structures.


In summary Delta's 11 point roof inspection report covers what and how much.

  1. What structural materials roofing support and cladding is made of, eg steel or wood rafters, how many and how many are damaged, and to what extent.

  2. Age of your roof.

  3. How many holes in your Perth roof are leaking and to what extent.

  4. Roof surface area measurement and report.

  5. Type, thickness, and roofing insulation material if any.

  6. A roof inspection report with photos of the conditions inside your roof space.

  7. Roof hazard report. For example:

    1. if the roof or ceiling is likely to collapse or if rats have eaten away electrical insulation, which is likely to cause a catastrophic fire in the roof.

    2. some kitchen extraction fans vent flammable cooking oils into the roof space because they are either not filtered properly and or are not vented outside. Our roofing inspector will report if they notice a dangerous buildup of flammable materials like fat, paper, bird nets in your roof space.

  8. Amount of roof damage if any, and roof repair or roof replacement quote for you, builders, or your insurance company.

  9. While we're up on your roof we'll look at your outdoor TV antenna installation including TV cables running through your roof space.

  10. A gutter condition report in Perth indicates:

    1. If gutters are cracked and or corroded.​

    2. how many metres of gutter replacement is possibly needed.

    3. if downpipes from gutters are blocked.

    4. risk of roof eve flooding and possibly ceiling flooding.

  11. If anything has been stored in the roof space.



How is roof inspection done?

  1. For large commercial, industrial or difficult to access roofs in Perth/Western Australia, initial roof inspections can be done with a drone or access equipment like a cherry picker.

  2. If there is access from inside a building, our OH&S trained/qualified/insured roof inspector meets with your site supervisors and plans a safe examination of commercial roofs from inside with access equipment and safety gear.

  3. Understanding what commercial roofs are coving and safety are important before we start to inspect commercial roofing. For example, a spark under a dust-filled Western Australian wheat silo roof can cause a massive explosion. Wheat silo roof inspections in WA are best done before the WA wheat harvest season. 

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Owners, buyers, lenders, sellers and or agents of houses in Perth Western Australia need peace of mind with accurate, up-to-date, building structural reports which include roof condition inspection reports by Perth's expert roofing inspectors.

Perth Roofing Inspector's Contact phone number:  9331 4078