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Metal roofs are extremely durable and weather resistant. Even under Perth's winter storms, metal roofs will not corrode or become brittle. Today’s models also last as long as 40 years, which is twice as long as the last generation of metal roofs. This longevity, coupled with lower maintenance costs than some other roofing options, helps to offset the increased cost of initial installation.

With design options, metal roofs look good. Metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles and colors, for modern and attractive roof design. A metal roof can be customised in many ways such as roofing panel sizes.

Although metalic roofs in Perth are installed with their own protective finishes, metal roofs can be re-coated and maintained by applying other materials, potentially changing appearance and adding new defensive benefits against discoloration, heat, water, and aging.

Metal roofs are, extremely leak resistant. Damage to metal roofs tend to be relatively easy to find and repair. Using seam-clamping attachments is also an excellent way to provide the benefits of allowing anchoring on a metal roof without penetrating the surface material, thus preventing leaks and damage.


One of the roofing installation options available with metal roofing is Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation. The standing seam is a modification of the metal ribbing that covers adjoining panels. It must be installed properley to provide full roofing benefits.

Standing seam panels come in snap lock panels or field locking panels. Installation for these systems also tends to be faster than other options, although initial roofing price is slightly higher. With time, however, standing seam roofs regain much of the investment, as they tend to last longer and are less permeable to heat.

In locations with the threat of high wind causing damage to a metal roof, a roofer can implement additional special modifiers in order to mitigate the threat.


Metal roofing, which in various forms has been around for ages, still serves as one of the most weather-resistant options on the market. Plus, thanks to breakthroughs in design, manufacturing, and installation, metal roofs have progressed far beyond their humble origins, in many cases providing some of the most cutting-edge roof technology possible.

Current architectural and structural metal panel roof systems utilise galvanized steel (Colorbond) or aluminum (Zincalume). Metal roofs require minimal maintenance, and they function well in some Perth/Western Australian situations where other roofing options may not.

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