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Affordable Metal Roofing Prices Perth WA

Installation of new metal roofs in Perth Western Australia is the specialty of our expert Perth roofers. The Delta Roofing Company is a metal roof focused roofing company based in Perth. Our Perth roofing company has the experience to safely and quickly protect your building, be it a home or commercial building with a guaranteed, good quality new metal roof with or without insulation in Perth WA. Roof replacement in Perth of an old clay or cement tiled roof or replacement of rusted iron roofing can be done quickly in emergency situations. The sale price, thickness, durability and type of metal roofing material is your choice. Our focus is specialising in metal roofing. We don’t split our time between windows or even shingle roofing. There are enough details to master metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roofing In Perth

Below are comparison costs of metal roofing in Perth with terracotta, cement, or slate roof tiles.

  1. The cost of metal roofing in Perth is cheaper than tiled roofs.

  2. Metal roofs are stronger than tiled roofs especially if the metal roof is put under a little stress such as a slightly curved metal roof in Perth.

  3. Metal roofs are lighter. That means a price saving of fewer joists, bearers, and rafters,

  4. Long big sheets of metal roofing are faster to lay.

  5. Meta roofs are cheaper to install.

  6. Maintenance costs are lower with metal roofs.

  7. Metal roofs are flexible. 

  8. Metal roofing is durable and should in Perth conditions last at least 20 years by the ocean and 30 years or more away from sea spray. Metal roof durability also depends on what type of metal roof you choose and the type and thickness of the protective coating of metal roofing.

  9. The appearance of metal roofing can better match the colour of the building because metal roofs come in a big range of colour options.

  10. Metal roofs are easy to cut, modify or repair. For example, all you need is a pair of gloves, tin snips, and some silicon to add a vent or light tube to bring natural light into the middle of your building.

Cost of Metal Roofing in Perth

The cost of metal roofing in Perth is between $50 and $70 per square metre. When you let us know more information about your roofing need such as the:

  • size in square metre of the roofing area

  • the pitch of your roof

  • type of metal roof

  • roof shape. A flat roof (skillion roof) is easier to lay metal roofing on than for example a hip roof or butterfly roof or M-roof etc.

Delta Roofing can give you an unbeatable sales price quote for high-quality metal roofing on Perth buildings.

Coolibah Nursing Home Metal Roof Refurbishment

Coolibah Nursing Home Metal Roof Refurbishment

Phone number of our Perth Metal Roofing Company

Call Perth telephone number (08) 9331 4078 or email us to provide us with your building plans so that we can advise:


  • price quote for your metal roofing project cost in Perth/Western Australia.

  • what metal roofing work needs to be done.

  • how a metal roof will be installed at your property in Perth.

  • when we can start and finsih your metal roofing project in Perth/WA.

The Delta roofing company stocks a range of metal roof, profiles, colours and types of metal roofs such as Zincalume or Colorbond to suit any Perth home or commercial building. We can supply all metal roofing accessories such as downpipes, gutters and rainwater heads.


If it's a new metal roof in Perth, Delta Roofing works with you and or your builder ensure your new metal roof installation proceeds smoothly, thus reducing the chances of any inconvenience.

You can trust the Delta Roofing company in Perth WA to provide a fast, affordable metalic roofing service in Perth. Our team of qualified insured, experienced, expert Perth roofers quickly get out to your home or commercial property for firstly a site inspection then new metal roof or roof replacement. Our Perth steel roof roofers always takes great care to clean up after replacing roofs in Perth.

Metal Roof Replacement Perth

Delta Roofing replaces rusty old corroded metal roofs in Perth with new metal roofs. Old steel roofs used to come in only one corrugated profile. Now there are plenty of new metal roof profiles to choose from. Metal roofing flapping in the wind or corroded can leak.  Our Perth roofers quickly replace metal roofs in Perth. Phone now to get the best metal roofing profiles and colour matching in Perth for your commercial building or home metal roofing project in Perth/Western Australia.