Difference between Colorbond and Zincalume in Perth's Environment


With Perth's environment, information about the difference between Colorbond® and Zincalum® needs to be understood before choosing metal roofing material. Both Zincalume and Colorbond are quality steel roofing products by Australia's Bluescope steel.


Colorbond roofing is powder coated, pre-painted metal roofing.
Zincalume has an aluminum/zinc coating. Both coatings protect underlying steel from corrosion. Zincalume is the base material in Colourbond roofing steel, however, Zincalume does not come in as many colours as Colorbond and does not have as many variations.

Installing Colorbond Roofing Perth.



Advantages of Colorbond:

  1. Colorbond roofing gives Perth homeowners a choice of roof colors to choose from, to compliment, not compete with the color of your home.

  2. Colorbond metal roofing has a long life. It's noncombustible, termite resistant and weather tight, protecting your investment against harsh Western Australian conditions.

  3. Mobile roll-forming of Colorbond roofing. Sheets can be rolled on site in lengths up to 100 metres, thus eliminating the need for lap joints.

  4. Colorbond Ultra is extremely corrosion resistant.

Disadvantages of Colorbond:

  1. Color deteriorates after about 10 years and needs to be refinished.

  2. Colorbond is a bit more than twice the price of Zincalume when comparing the same base metal thickness (BMT).

  3. Corrosion resistant Colorbond Ultra in Perth's beach suburbs is about 3 times more expensive than Zincalume.

  4. If your Colorbond roof is damaged, it is very difficult to get matching colour Colourbond replacement roofing close to the same colour as your faded roof.


Advantages of Zincalume:

  1. Zincalume's highly reflective surface is very good at reflecting the heat of a hot summer sun.

  2. Zincalume is half the price of Colorbond.

  3. Good corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

  4. Zincalume is a highly durable roofing material suited to Perth conditions.

  5. Abrasion-resistant hard surface

  6. Zincalume roof sheets are very flexible.

Disadvantage of Zincalume:

  1. The highly reflective surface of Zincalume can annoy Perth neighbours with unwanted reflected light from Zincalume roofs at the wrong angle in Perth's bright summer sun.

  2. Zincalume is not recommended for animal confinement buildings or in buildings where the steel comes in contact with soil, cement and/or concrete. ZINCALUME should not be used with lead, copper, graphite, moist or undried timber, or chemically treated wood.


Uses of Colour Bond and Zincalume in Buildings

These high quality, corrosion resistant sheet metal product available in Perth can be used for many types of building contruction projects in Perth/Western Australia. The main uses of Colorbond and Zincalume are for roofing and wall cladding.​ They can also be used in a laminate of sheetmetal/polyurethane/sheetmetal to form an insulated sandwich panel. These metal/foam panels can be used for the contruction of cool rooms in Perth or insulated roofs to keep heat out or in depending on the season. Because they are a laminate, they have the extra strength to span longer roofs gaps with less support. If you want a well insulated roof in Perth made of insulated sandwich panels, then phone us to discuss your insulated roofing needs. We'll quote panel thicknesses, materials and prices.

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